Estate Planning - Rotary Club of Scottsdale

By Donald Loose

>Estate Planning - Rotary Club of Scottsdale

Club President Max Rumbaugh with Panelists/ Rotarians - Don Loose, J Noland (Jay) Franz, Tim Baughman and Jason Washo

A panel of Rotarians recently presented to Rotary Club of Scottsdale members and guests an informative discussion about estate planning.

The panel discussion, held June 13 at Scottsdale McCormick’s Lakeside Ballroom, was facilitated by Don A. Loose, managing attorney at Loose, Brown, Hobkirk & Callahan, P.C., with panelists J Noland (Jay) Franz of Buchalter Nemer - A Professional Law Corporation; Tim Baughman Sr. VP/lead relationship manager at Northern Trust Company; Jason E. Washo, founder and president at Washo Financial.

The panelists, all Rotary Club of Scottsdale members, highlighted the importance of estate planning and the need to ensure what you care about goes to those you care about.

Each panelist emphasized the importance to select legal, wealth management and estate planning professionals who can be trusted to take care of much more than your money to create a customized plan that has the best interest of you and your beneficiaries in mind.

The panelists explained that trusts are flexible tools that can help ensure your hard-earned success is preserved, protected and transferred as you intend. A living trust avoids probate, may just save money and provides privacy. With a living trust, a handpicked successor trustee can manage one’s affairs without court intervention.

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