Can employers mandate that their employees get the COVID-19 vaccinations?

Rather than taking the hard line of terminating workers who do not get the vaccine, perhaps they would find it more advantageous to encourage their employees and/or incentivize them to get vaccinated.

Require a Mask? It’s up to Business Owners

Arizona House Bill 2770, which passed this month, says business owners may disregard any city or county mask mandates for their customers and employees.

Employers:  Now is the Time to Think About Covid-19 Vaccine Policy

Audio Interview: The details of employers mandating or encouraging their employees to get the Covid vaccine is discussed by Attorney Don Loose.

Oral Contracts and Their Enforceability in Arizona

While different rules apply to proving each, one type of contract is not necessarily more enforceable than the other.

When are Written Contracts Required in Arizona?

The Arizona State Legislature, to prevent fraud, enacted a law requiring that certain promises or agreements be in writing.

Interest Rates as Established by Private Contract or by Law

In Arizona, interest on any loan, indebtedness, or other obligation will be at the rate of 10% per annum, unless a different rate is contracted for in writing.

Workers’ Compensation in Arizona and Liability for Injuries on the Job

The workers’ compensation laws provide for the payment of compensation to workers who are injured on the job in Ari­zona.

Arizona Unemployment Insurance – Employer Duties & Employee Benefits

Every employer in Arizona, with limited exceptions, must pay state and federal unemployment taxes.

Payment of Wages – Governed by State Law in Arizona

An employee who is owed wages may file a lawsuit against the employer for three times the amount of unpaid wages.

Where the Draw the Line on an Employer’s Liability for Employee Actions

An employer is generally not responsible for travel by an employee while going to and from the work place.

What is a Fictitious Name Certificate?

Many individuals and companies do business under fictitious names. A fictitious name simply is a name different from the true name of the business owner.

How to Register Trademarks and Trade Names in Arizona

A trademark is a word, name, symbol or device, or any combination of these items, that is used by a person or company to identify its goods, and to distinguish them from goods made or sold by others.

Homeowners Associations – Their Rights, Reach and Structures in Arizona

An association may not impose a regular assessment that is more than twenty percent greater than the immediately preceding fiscal year’s assessment without the approval of the majority of its members.

Forming Partnerships in Arizona and Business Entity Considerations

A partnership is an association of two or more persons to carry on, as co-owners and a business for profit.

The Business Advantages of Limited Liability Companies

A limited liability company may be organized in Arizona to conduct any lawful activity, except banking or insurance.

What is the Difference Between Non-Profit Corporations and Tax Exempt?

Non-profit corporations are everywhere. In Arizona, there are about 40,000 non-profit corporations.

What are the Tax Advantages in Setting Up an S-Corporation?

In the majority of cases, it is more beneficial to the corporation and its shareholders to elect to be an S corporation.

When Can People Selling or Serving Alcohol Be Held Liable?

It is illegal for a person to manufacture, sell or deal in spiritu­ous liquors in Arizona without being properly licensed.

Your Rights as an Employee in Cases of Wrongful Firing

A terminated employee has a duty to make reasonable efforts to reduce damages by trying to find substantially similar employment.

Don’t Text & Drive; 2021 Minimum Wage Increase; Employers Must Pay Sick Time

Audio Interview: Police may now pull you over for using handheld devices while driving. It is ok use your device hands-free. 

Corporate Lawyers on the Formation and Operation of Corporations

A corporation is a form of business ownership. The owners of a corporation are called shareholders.

Breach of Contract – 1/3 of all Civil Lawsuits Filed in Arizona

About one-third of all civil lawsuits filed in Arizona are for breach of contract.