Can Parents Be Held Accountable for the Misconduct of Their Children?

It is not a defense that the parents or guardian could not have anticipated the minor’s misconduct.

Delegation of Parental Powers: Care | Custody | Property of the Child

In Arizona, a parent of a minor (under age 18) may delegate to another person any powers he may have.

How to Change your Name in Arizona and What to Consider

If a person desires to change his name, he must file an application in the superior court in the county of his residence.

What Actions Could Terminate Parental Rights in Arizona?

A parent who abandons, neglects or abuses his child (under age 18) may lose his parental rights. Arizona law sets forth the grounds and the procedure for termination of the parent-child relationship.

Establishing Child Custody in Arizona – Paternity and Parenting Time

When paternity is established, the court may award custody and parenting time. The parent with whom the child has resided for the greater part of the last six months will have legal custody, unless otherwise ordered by the court.

How does Arizona Handle Grandparent Child Visitation Rights?

If logistically possible and appropriate, the court will order visitation by a grandparent.

Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection

To obtain an order of protection, a person must file a verified petition with a magistrate, justice of the peace, or superior court judge.

Alimony (aka Spousal Maintenance) and How it is Awarded

Arizona law provides that a spousal maintenance order, “shall be in an amount and for a period of time as the court deems just”.

How does AZ Law Address Child Support after Divorce or Separation?

In the case of divorce or legal separation, one parent typically will be required to pay child support to the other.

What are Child Custody Laws in Arizona?

The court, in determining the best interests of the child in a custody pro­ceeding, is required by law to consider all relevant factors: The wishes of the parents, the wishes of the child…

Overview of Arizona Marriage Laws

Getting married in Arizona is relatively easy. There is no residency requirement.

The Child Adoption Process in Arizona

When an adoption order is entered, the relationship of parent and child is established between the adoptive parent and the adopted child.

A Divorce Lawyer on Marital Debts in Divorce or Separation

The general rule is that either spouse may contract debts and otherwise act for the benefit of the community.

Prenuptial Agreements – The “Legality of Love”

Premarital agreements have not always been favored in Arizona.

A Divorce Attorney’s Perspective: Annulment, Dissolution and Legal Separation

In order for the court to acquire jurisdiction over a mar­riage, at least one spouse must have been a resident of Arizona for 90 days immediately prior to the filing of the action.