Jury Duty – What is Required of Me?

A master jury list is maintained by the jury commissioner of every county.

Are you a Victim of a Crime? You Have Rights

The Constitution of the State of Arizona contains a Victims’ Bill of Rights.

What is an Injunction Against Harassment or Sexual Harassment?

On request of the plaintiff, the court will forward the injunction against harass­ment to the proper law enforcement agency for service on the defendant.

Animal Cruelty Laws in Arizona

An “animal” is defined by law as a mammal, bird, reptile or amphibian.

Gun Laws in Arizona

In Arizona, the rule still is that an adult may, under most circumstances, possess and carry a gun.

Pool Safety Laws in Arizona

Every pool owner is advised to check his local pool barrier ordinance to ensure compliance.

Speeding Tickets, Rights of Way and Arizona Traffic Laws

The statute sets forth the general rule that a vehicle’s maximum speed must be reasonable and prudent.

Civil Lawsuits in Arizona – “A Lawsuit is Civilized Warfare”

A civil action, simply defined, is a lawsuit brought to enforce, restore or protect private rights.

What is Implied Consent in Blood and Breath Alcohol Tests?

Every person who operates a motor vehicle in Arizona auto­matically gives consent to a test or tests of his blood, breath, urine or other bodily substance.