What Happens when a Child is Injured by Another’s Acts?

If a child has a guardian, the guardian may sue or defend in court on behalf of the child. If a child does not have a guardian or other fiduciary, the child may sue by a next friend or a guardian ad litem.

Insurance Company Bad Faith and how to Recover Damages

When an insurance company fails to act in good faith and deal fairly with its customers, it is guilty of bad faith.

Premises Liability – Can Property Owners Be Held Liable for Injuries?

This article deals with the liability of a property owner for injuries occurring on his property.

Dangerous Product Lawsuits and Recourse for Defects

The manufacturer or seller of a defective and unreasonably dangerous prod­uct is liable to anyone who is injured by the proper use of the product.

Vehicle Owner Responsibilities, Car Accidents & Liabilities

An owner of a vehicle who knowingly permits an unli­censed minor to drive his vehicle is liable.

Seat Belt Laws, Helmets and Motorcycle Accidents in Arizona

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administra­tion, about 43,000 people are killed in fatal car accidents each year in the United States.

Leaving the Scene of a Car Accident – What Happens?

The driver must remain at the scene of the accident until he has given certain required information.

Motorcycle Accidents and Motor Vehicle Traffic Laws

The law of negligence governs motor vehicle accident cases.

Dog Bites – The Most Common Lawsuit Involving Animals in Arizona

Pet ownership is on the rise. It is estimated that there are now 75 million dogs in the United States.