More about employers requiring COVID-19 Vaccines

 The federal EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) chimes in with guidelines about whether employers can require all workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Can employers mandate that their employees get the COVID-19 vaccinations?

Rather than taking the hard line of terminating workers who do not get the vaccine, perhaps they would find it more advantageous to encourage their employees and/or incentivize them to get vaccinated.

Ambiguity reigns as executive order removes all COVID restrictions in the state

Last week the Governor of Arizona created an executive order removing all COVID restrictions in the state, including requiring face coverings.

Require a Mask? It’s up to Business Owners

Arizona House Bill 2770, which passed this month, says business owners may disregard any city or county mask mandates for their customers and employees.

Employers:  Now is the Time to Think About Covid-19 Vaccine Policy

Audio Interview: The details of employers mandating or encouraging their employees to get the Covid vaccine is discussed by Attorney Don Loose.

Don’t Text & Drive; 2021 Minimum Wage Increase; Employers Must Pay Sick Time

Audio Interview: Police may now pull you over for using handheld devices while driving. It is ok use your device hands-free. 

Invest in Education Initiative Challenged in Court

The Invest in Ed initiative was passed by AZ voters in the November 2020 election, but the constitutionality of the initiative is being challenged in court. 

Voters Say Yes to Legal Recreational Marijuana

Proposition 207 – the Recreational Marijuana initiative passed by a wide margin in the November 2020 election. 

Let’s Talk Vaccinations . . . and Elections

When a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination becomes available, the government will have the power to mandate that those living in the United States get vaccinated.

Can Complex Propositions on the Ballot be Thoroughly Described in 100 Words or Less?

Due to the requirement that every proposition has an all-encompassing description limited to 100 words or less, two propositions have been tossed off the November ballot. 

Pushback to Governor’s Executive Orders and Highest Verdict Awards Last Year in Arizona

In a well-known lawsuit, a gym owner refuses to comply with Governor Ducey’s shutdown orders.

The Governor’s Statewide Stay-At-Home Orders and Curfew

The Governor’s emergency declaration prohibits people from gathering in public places from 8pm to 5am from May 31st to June 8th.

The Ins and Outs of Businesses Re-Opening During the Pandemic

To keep employees and patrons safe,  the Governor has issued statewide guidelines to businesses upon their re-opening.

Bills Pending in the Arizona Legislature

Should Arizona have a lieutenant governor? A bill currently in the legislature proposes the answer is yes.

Arizona Legislature Seeks Ban on Sanctuary Cities and Ballot Harvesting Law Struck Down by 9th Circuit Court

A ban on sanctuary cities is already on the books as a state statute, but a Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives wants to seal the deal with a constitutional amendment.

Raising the Minimum Wage and Extending Terms in Tucson

Don Loose discusses the 2020 increase in the Arizona Minimum Wage from $11.00/hour to $12.00/hour.