Before you Get Started…

Before you sit down to fill out this questionnaire, here are some things you need to think about. If you don’t have answers for all of the sections or have questions before you can make a decision, it is ok to leave the section blank. It will be discussed during your initial estate planning consultation.

Family Information 
The contact information for you, or you and your spouse, as well as the names and dates of birth for any children you and/or you spouse may have.

Successor Trustee/Personal Representative
Who do you want to be responsible for handling your estate after you, or you and your spouse, pass away? It is ok to have two people work together to handle this responsibility. Who will your back up to this person be?

Where or to whom will your money go to when you (and your spouse, if applicable) pass away?  Full names, relationship to you and/or any charities

Powers of Attorney
If you are living but unable to manage your own finances or communicate your healthcare wishes, who do you want to do this on your behalf? It is recommended to have a primary and a secondary person (agent) for these responsibilities. You can have different people handling the finances and the healthcare decisions. Please make sure to provide address and phone number for your healthcare agent.

Assets & Debts
A comprehensive list of your assets and debts (account numbers not necessary) so that during your consultation, the attorney is able to address any additional steps that may need to be taken to ensure a thorough estate plan (i.e., a property deed, the formation of an LLC , etc)

Gathering this information ahead of time will make things much easier, and avoid the chance you’ll need to stop and start over.