Case #1.  We obtained a ruling allowing relocation of our client’s daughter to the Midwest from Arizona, despite a court-ordered family evaluation that recommended against the relocation.  We put forth a winning strategy with a combination of fact and expert witnesses to achieve a result that was in the child’s best interests and met the client’s goal of relocating his daughter.

Case #2.  We secured an order confirming our clients’ earlier adoption of their child despite several issues with the consent form and the adoption paperwork.  We successfully defended the adoption by engaging a handwriting specialist to testify at trial and by properly preparing our clients to testify.   In the end, we believe we achieved a result that was in the best interests of the adopted child.

Case #3.  We won a decision allowing our divorce client to keep the children and benefit from a robust parenting plan, despite accusations regarding our client’s mental fitness and a family custody evaluation recommending that the children be allowed to relocate with the other parent.  We combined the use of mental health experts and meticulous trial preparation to achieve the favorable outcome.

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