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“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”
– Pablo Picasso

A typical estate plan involves the employment of a last will and testament and revocable trust for disposition of assets; health care powers of attorney for health care decisions; and a power of attorney for delegation of financial authority.

These documents are specially designed to help our clients achieve their individual estate planning goals, which often include paying the least amount of taxes and avoiding probate.

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy: everyone should have directives in place. A good estate plan brings peace of mind.

At the heart of estate planning is wealth preservation, family protection, and succession planning.  A last will and testament and a revocable trust will result in paying the least amount of estate and gift taxes, avoiding probate, and implementing important health care directives.  We would welcome the opportunity to assist you.

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Having an estate plan is beneficial for everyone. A last will and testament and a trust are beneficial for everyone, regardless of their wealth:

  • Flexibility in planning
  • Protect assets from creditors
  • Protect assets from spendthrift beneficiaries
  • Protect assets for beneficiaries with special needs

An estate plan will secure the future that your loved ones deserve…

Getting started on your estate plan is easy. The first step is to organize your goals, your important people, and your belongings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I don’t have a will, will my property go to the state?

    No. If you don’t have a will, your property will go to your heirs under the law of descent and distribution in Arizona. Your property will go to the state only if you die without a will and you have no living relative to inherit it.

  • If I have a will, will all of my property automatically pass under it?

    No. Some or all of your property may pass outside your will by reason of survivorship provisions, joint title, pay-on-death clauses, and beneficiary designations in deeds and contracts. For instance, life insurance proceeds will be payable to the beneficiaries that you have designated in the insurance contract, regardless of the terms of your will.

  • Do I need a living trust to avoid taxes on my estate?

    No. Most estates will not be subject to taxation with or without a living trust. So long as the value of the decedent’s estate does not exceed the applicable estate tax exemption amount, there will be no federal estate tax owed. If you are married, you may leave an unlimited amount to your spouse without payment of any estate taxes.

What our clients are saying…

Client Reviews

I have used Loose Law Group twice in the past few years for the purpose of preparing and securing all things related to my Estate Planning Portfolio. Both times they have been extremely helpful and professional. They were also happy to answer the many questions that I had concerning my Last Will and Testament, etc. They also took the time to witness and notarize other documents not related to my portfolio which truly went above and beyond excellent service. I would highly recommend using their firm for all your estate planning needs.

Client Reviews

Loose Law Group helped me with my estate plan. It was a great experience working with Loose Law Group. They took my information over the phone, prepared the documents, and sent it via email to review and made arrangements for me to come in for the signing of the documents. Michael my attorney, Michelle my paralegal and Rachel have all made it very easy to get these documents done. Thanks all!

Client Reviews

We did our Will and Trust here and I couldn’t rave about them enough. They’re beyond friendly and helpful! They answered all of our questions with ease and made us feel comfortable. Leighten was super down to earth, and professional. I would absolutely use them again. Always!

Client Reviews

We have used Loose Law Group for the past several years. I have always received superior service from everyone there. We have trusted this firm for our estate planning and wills and powers of attorney. Our last experience was with Leighton. Leighton took the time to listen to our situation and concerns and answered our questions. She made helpful suggestions and gave advice that was in our best interest. Rachel was also empathic and very professional. They have definitely earned our business and we will continue to use them for our legal needs.

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