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“Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.”
– Les Dawson

Divorce, child custody, and child support matters are inherently stressful. In fact, divorce is one of the three most stressful events that a person likely will ever experience in their life (the other two being death of a loved one and job loss). An experienced divorce attorney can help.

Our attorneys have represented thousands of people involved in family law disputes, and they possess the depth of knowledge and experience necessary to successfully navigate our clients through these most stressful times.

Our attorneys are ready to assist you and yours in any of these family law matters, with personalized service, compassion, and a strict focus on results.


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Need a Divorce Attorney in Arizona?

Divorce, child custody, and child support matters are inherently stressful. In fact, divorce is one of the three most stressful events that a person likely will ever experience in their life (the other two being death of a loved one and job loss).

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If we get divorced, will we each get half of the community property?

    Arizona law requires the Family Court judge to divide community property “equitably” between the parties, but this does not mean the division will be equal.  One spouse can be awarded certain assets and the other spouse awarded different assets.  Nonetheless, the division must be substantially equal in the absence of a compelling reason to the contrary.

  • My spouse had an affair. Will I get a better settlement in my divorce case?

    Sorry, no.  Arizona is a no-fault state.  Except in the fairly rare case of a covenant marriage, marital misconduct is irrelevant in a divorce case.

  • If we are awarded joint custody of our child, will neither of us be required to pay child support?

    No.  The court will order the payment of child support in joint custody cases.  However, the amount of child support tends to be less in a joint custody case, as time spent with the children is shared by each parent.

  • My spouse is not following the rules of the joint custody order. Is there anything I can do about it?

    Six months after the entry of a joint custody order, a parent may petition the court for modification of the order based on the failure of the other parent to comply.

  • Is spousal maintenance taxable?

    In most cases, for orders up till December 31, 2017, the party paying spousal maintenance was able to deduct the amount paid on his or her income tax return, and the party receiving spousal maintenance was required to report the payments as income.  An order proclaimed before the end of 2017 remains in effect throughout the term of the spousal maintenance unless it is modified.  For orders as of January 1, 2018, however, those rules do not apply.  Generally speaking, the payer may not deduct the amount of spousal maintenance paid, and the spouse receiving the payments is not required to report the payments as income.

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For years my husband and I have been encouraged to obtain a Trust for our children and we delayed because it seemed intimidating. Our family recommended Loose Law Group. We were met by a warm group of people the minute we stepped through the doors. Our insecurities were dimmed while all of our questions were answered in terms we easily understood. Aside from the formal responsibilities, we feel that Loose Law Group went out of their way with the little things. It wasn’t just the offerings of coffee and chocolates, we had our two year old daughter with us during both visits and everyone was patient and understanding. We were also sent home with books; A Handbook for Non-lawyers and a second including Estate Planning in Arizona. Our family will definitely turn to Loose Law Group for our next legal needs!

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We recently used their office to prepare our trust and other important documents for our family’s legacy. We loved how affordable and quick they were. Leighton was very professional and thought of everything. Rachel was great at making appointments and made everything very smooth and like we were at home. They all took very good care of us. We are so happy we choose to go here! We will be recommending for all our family and friends to go here.

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Loose Law Group is very professional. I was kept informed about my case and I felt empowered and educated with options. They were not over-aggressive causing delays, but firm in protecting my rights with the opposing counsel and judge. Eddie is solution-oriented, easy to talk to, and gave me guidance which made the decisions easier at a difficult time. I highly recommend Loose Law Group.

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Edward J. Walneck and his team represented me in a high conflict divorce and custody case that went to trial, followed by appeals. They are highly knowledgeable, professional and very client service focused. They delivered excellent outcomes (both trial and defending the appeal) in a very difficult and complex case. I would highly recommend Loose Law Group to anyone needing family law.

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